A Positive Influence in Our Schools

Something the students AND the staff can enjoy together! 

Monica's plan is to use the gift of music, utilizing songs the kids already know, to help them grasp the concepts of friendship, kindness, being brave, and being confident. 

Using music the kids currently listen to, Monica interprets the lyrics in an interactive way. She helps them grasp a better understanding of certain topics that may not be absorbed in many other conventional ways. 

One of the many interests parents and teachers have expressesd to Monica is about self confidence.  Using songs like, "Brave" by Sara Barielles, Monica has the students interpret each song on their own first. By doing this, she can continue a dialog to interact personally and expand upon their current knowledge and needs.

By using her unique approach, you will immediately notice that the kids will light up, open up, and retain the subject and lessons at hand effectively. They can then conciously refer to these lessons later on in a positive manner.

A quck and simple set up allows for Monica to easily fit into classrooms without rearranging any furniture! 

If you have any topics you feel would be a good addition to Monica's show please let her know! Email monicagilesmusic@gmail.com

For booking inquiries please contact:
Joe Grinsteiner at 715.768.0054
email contact@monicagiles.com